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_ziq_ wrote

We find success when people come into our space and mention "oh! That's such a neat idea for a business" and we go into how we're entirely by volunteer/donation because we try to follow anarchist ideals and what does that mean? It's a five minute (ish) intro conversation with a "want to know more?" pamphlet follow-up. We find that people tend to come back.

This is why I keep mentioning have a space, go to a space, do a food group, etc. Get out there and do - be visible in the community. I find that people are more open to experience than they are to literature.


MaryWollstonecraft wrote

Thanks for the helpful tips :D

How do you create a space? I'm new to this!


__deleted_____ wrote

I would start by visiting other anarchist spaces - squats, bookshops, community gardens, whatever, and talk to people, get to know your comrades in the community.


chaos wrote

Yeah, you need comrades to create a space, if you do it on your own it'll be a lot harder.