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I work as a preschool teacher and a camp counselor for the YMCA, so I do a lot of work with kids. I am also starting to consider the idea of adopting as I get a lil bit older, but the stuff I am doing now feels just a little fashy at times which I don't like. Any solutions for how to sow the seeds of anarchism amongst my young ones? Any moral objections? Cheers!



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alexayanchenko wrote (edited )

Always start with the topic of racism. Explain to them how it doesn't matter if you are black and white because you are all humans. Also use the example that to end capitalism you need to attack businesses and how the police doesn't do anything after your house gets robbed but almost go on a detective adventure of a lifetime when a big business gets robbed.This should get the young comrades thinking cuz they wouldn't want their new ps5 getting robbed and the cops doing nothing about it. If you have people in college explain to them how the working class is exploited. Try to make it easy for them to understand. Use real life examples that show the right as bad (because they really are).

That is how I got my few friends to flip to Anarchism.

If this helps you, feel free to talk to us again. Also this worked on me and my friends not sure if it works for everyone.