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hermit_dragon wrote

I love Really Really Free Markets, great article!

Some standout things for me:

  • the bit about stigma in the USA about taking/eating free food. I grew up in Australia and (a bit) in the USA (parents are from here) but since moving back here there's a bunch of things I've realized I didn't fully understand about the ethos here. This is one of them.

    Trying to offer people free surplus items + food, or surplus income, has been really difficult here, cause it often means needing to first deconstruct that stigma and how entrenched it is.

    One thing I've encountered is people being super afraid that you're doing it for some underhanded reason, and going to take advantage of them. Not saying Australia doesn't have the same issue, but it feels more intense + pervasive here idk. It's awful that folks are put in a place where they can't even feel ok needing + getting a hand.

  • would Freecycle ( be considered a Really Really Free Market? It super seems like one, to me, and that's neat cause it's both international and thriving