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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I haven't thought too much about cop-calling since most of the 'crimes' against me and others it has never occurred to me to want to punish the people involved, and when it has the police wouldn't have helped with that. So these are very tentative thoughts for conversation:

Case-by-case basis, depending on what other options you have available to you and the will of the other people affected.

In the case of the sexual assault; if you come across it happening, the cops probably aren't going to get there in time. You'll need to figure out something else, and once you have, it'll be more up to the attacked person whether they want cops involved. It's also really useful to have a strong knowledge set of how good the police are at helping in these situations, for your area, so that you can respond confidently when they ask for your thoughts. Sometimes the process of involving police in sexual attacks can make things even shittier for the person who has had the experience.

Most people I know don't involve police when they are assaulted, but it depends on the situation.

As for child or gore porn, again it depends on the situation. Unlike the assault, you're probably not in a position where you need to react immediately. If you can organise with a collective to visit the person in the middle of the night, that's a good option, and depending on how fucked up the situation is (and factors like how practical involving police might be), you might also want to call the cops.

Aside from that, building those other non-police options is probably among the best ways to spend time.