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lettuceLeafer wrote

Praxis and direct actions are words anarchists use to make them seel special or like secret agents. So you can kinda just say whatever. This goes for mutual aid too.

Tho theory wise I think praxis is putting theory into practice and direct action is doing an action outside of politicians. I.e. an example if liberal praxis is to donate to Bernie Sanders. I think this is confusing bc anarchist praxis is often direct action. An example of direct action is helping a houseless person squatt a building. Which would also be anarchist praxis. But it would not be Conservative praxis.

Tho some anarchist praxis isnt direct action. For example praxis for Anarcho-debatebrowhitesaviors would be canvassing for white supremacists.


Cranko wrote

Praxis is just the word for practice that is in a permanent mutually-growing conversation with theory. It is a fancy word that doesn't have much more use than 'practice', but it is more precise.

Direct action is action taken without permission of authorities or appealing to authorities.

These can overlap but don't have to - for anarchists they will, since anarchists have a direct action ethic.


SnowCode OP wrote

What I don't understand is how can a praxis not be direct action and how can a direct action not be praxis?


Cranko wrote (edited )

Some socialists would consider voting as praxis. So that's a case where praxis is not direct action, as are any appeals to authority.

Generally direct action is all praxis. If you wanted to be finnicky about it, you could say it's not praxis if it isn't based in conversation with theory. So people who are constantly trying actions but not relfecting on it before trying new actions would technically not be doing praxis.


SnowCode OP wrote

So if I understand correctly. To most political tendencies the two are separated. But in the case of anarchy praxis and direct action are basically the same?


Fool wrote (edited )

Praxis is a German noun meaning Practice.
Used where you would say a Practice or the Practice. So Praxis is a thing.
It is used because Anarchists are a bunch of nerds.

Direct Action is an action directly undertaken, rather than via a representative or third party.
It's used because there's no workers interested for the amount anarchists pay (free).