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thekraken wrote

You're using the current situation (we cannot with current technology have 8 billion people on the same playing field) and saying that it should not be a goal because we can't do it right now. I disagree, I think we ought to work towards equality and find way to improve everyone's situation. Not being able to do a thing at the present time doesn't mean not figuring out a way to do it in the future, that's just the story of humanity in general.

Also, you're being positively hyperbolic about your take on it - genocidial - which I find odd, but whichever, maybe you've got really strong feelings against Transhumanism for some reason, who knows.


ziq OP wrote

If you're really concerned about equality, increasing our dependence on technology is going to do the opposite of make us equal. Expertise creates inequality and the more advanced the technology, the more advanced the expertise and thus the bigger gap there is between experts and non experts.