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Alt wrote (edited )

I couldn't say without more knowledge of the specific context and I don't know really how I would respond if I was there in the flesh.

I like CrimethInc.'s frame of accountability for Mussolini that they used in Against The Logic of The Guillotine.
But that is in a broader context where Mussolini is powerless.

In the event that there is an ongoing war and there's no significant possibility of an individual's rehabilitation, then I think it might be the right thing to kill that person.

The killing should never be systematised, or impersonal.

Already I am aware of myself as someone who would, if for some reason I happened to walk past someone like Bezos, or Musk, choose to suffer any consequence afterward to ensure that they die in that moment. Though we have never met, they are in a real sense my enemy in a personal way.

And in fact I think that we should if we can, in the form of the SHAC model, be killing billionaires. And similarly, those fascists who we have in our locales, who we have a more intimate relationship with, they will never be 'reformed', and once we understand their ecosystem, it will often be appropriate to kill them if we can get away with it.

I don't like military framing, but I understand myself and anarchists all over the world already to be at war with them in a real sense. We must kill them as humans fully attuned to their humanity.

Critique and contributions to this are invited.