Mutual aid and software development

Submitted by Naokotani in Anarcho_communism

Wasn't sure whether to put this under tech or anarcho-communism. I had a thought yesterday. Could one apply the idea of mutual aid to software development? The internet is the ecosystem. Proprietary software being individual competition and FOSS being mutual aid. If the internet is an ecosystem is it roughly equivalent to a tropical enviroment of high competition for resource, or a northern/desert ecosystem with a high necesity for mutual aid?


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Xesau wrote

Basically public GIT repositories


zer0crash wrote

FOSS is inherently a practice of Libertarian Mutual Aid! The challenge, as I see it, is to replace current proprietary tech with FOSS tech, without sacrificing features, compatibility and design. I want to underline compatibility and design however, because even if you achieve feature parity with FOSS, without ubiquity and intuitive, attractive UIs people would rather opt for proprietary solutions that fill the need better.


Naokotani wrote

I think FOSS tech is extremely important. There are projects like the librem 5 phone, which isn't even entirely FOSS in terms of drivers, and I really don't think it is on the radar of most people.

I am totally at a loss in terms of how to get people off propreitary software, I can't even get people to take the time to set up a free protonmail account, let alone handle their own pgp encryption even though this is a similar amount of work as putting a letter in an envelope.


BlackFlagged wrote

It's so frustrating how people won't take any initiative to free themselves from even easily shedded chains like propware.