LGBT and Ancom friendly Minecraft Server echoesmc.com

Submitted by EchoesNetwork in Anarcho_communism (edited )

Hi. I run a series of minecraft servers known as the Echoes Network. I've created a server for ancom MC players and the LGBT community. If you're interested in joining, the IP is ss.echoesmc.com:25703. Don't forget the port! Here are the rules:

  1. No hate speech

  2. Don't intentionally cause lag

  3. Don't intentionally crash the server

  4. Don't spam.

That's all there is to it. Feel free to check it out, we'd love to have you!

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ziq wrote

Just out of curiousity- why ancoms specifically?


EchoesNetwork wrote

I've been running the Echoes Network for about a year now, and my mod team and I have noticed that anarchy tends to attract a very specific group of players: usually conservatives and ancap. While we don't really have a problem with this, we'd really like to expand our player base, and we've noticed more liberal players tend to leave because the overwhelming majority of our users are very conservative. To remedy that, I thought I'd start a server specifically for ancom, socialist, and politically liberal MC players.

The point is to provide environments suitable for everyone. We've got a server with a large Italian/German playerbase, a server with mostly americans (where a lot of the conservatives and ancap users congregate), a creative server for younger players, and now there's an Echoes world specifically for ancom users.


ziq wrote (edited )

I see. Ancaps aren't anarchists and it makes sense to not want capitalists on a private server, but a lot of anarchists (especially non American ones) aren't communists; we're just original-flavor anarchism.


Copenhagen_Bram wrote (edited )

great, now can we have a LGBT and Ancom friendly Minetest server?


rdococ wrote

This. I would love an ancom-friendly Minetest server. I would host one myself if I had a more powerful computer.