The scientific accuracy of Kropotkin's Mutual Aid

Submitted by Naokotani in Anarcho_communism

I recently read Kropotikin's "Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution" after coming across an article by Stephen Jay Gould called "Kropotikin Was No Crackpot."


In that article, he mentions that the science isn't quite on in Mutual aid, I believe in regards to his lack of evidence of how cooperation increases individual reproductive fitness, while presenting evidence of how it increases the fitness of the species as a whole.

Does this really matter? Could the book not fairly easily be updated to give some explanation of how these traits are transmitted in a more modern way?


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squirrels wrote

Gould wrote about Kropotkin?! I know that might not matter to most, but since Gould was a massive influence on me... thank you. I am going to read this and hold it close to my heart.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Don't see why it matters, would be interested to know why Gould seems to think it does.