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kaiakerno wrote (edited )

If only-only one, immortality, period. As in "never to age, never to be sick and regenerate whatever is lost".

  • But beside that, I can't wait for neural interfaces to interact with computers.
  • For better conscious control over body functions, including hormone production (like drug glands from Iain Banks' Culture series).
  • And, if that ever becomes possible, for cognitive enhancements.
  • Higher survivability against external threats, including in hostile environments (vacuum, pressure, cold, hot, poison) would also be nice. (Different from "immortality" as this is an upgrade that would prevent the user from dying outright by stupidity, misfortune or malicious intent.)

I don't think I would go for offensive upgrades. Unless I'm living in a hostile environment, that is.


biomancer wrote

yes immortality although i question why is there a linmit of only one. is it an availability thing if I wait long enough would I potentially get a chance at another in the future?


juliebean wrote

negligible senescence would be an obvious first choice.

if that were off the table though, other contenders would be some kind of internal hormonal regulator, to negate my dependence on external sources, ape feet, and perfect teeth.