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Hello everyone,

I am relatively new to the anarchotranshumanist community, having previously flown under the flag of just an overarching anarchist. However, having read more into what anarchotranshumanism is, its possible benefits, etc., I've found it's the closest to my personal fundamental beliefs out of all the anarcho-subcultures (finally).

However, while there is much I can learn online about its ideals and such, I would like to know more about my fellow Anarchotranshumanists! Specifically, what behaviors, 'rituals' (in the sense of repeated behaviors) do you all engage in that are tied to these ideals (absolute specificity is not necessary, a general idea would also be amazing!). To get an idea of what I mean, a parallel would be anything from something as 'mundane' as someone brushing their teeth every day, to regularly attending conventions, etc. Also, (more of just a self-interest question as I'm very into fashion haha) is there perhaps any aesthetic/clothing items/overall fashion that is identifiable with transhumanists in today's contemporary setting?

Finally, what were your introductions to anarcho-transhumanism? What do you find the most compelling about it? What has drawn you in to this ideology? (Could be a specific personal reason or a more broad interest in a particular theme, ideal, etc.)

I apologize if some of these questions are not as clear as they should be, or if they do not apply to the majority of people here. Thank you all again! (also feel free to PM me any responses, also interested in engaging in dialogue with you all!) And as always, share with whatever degree of privacy would make you comfortable.

TL;DR - New Anarchotranshumanist here! Would like to know what behavioral patterns, fashion choices are typical/prevalent in the community, as well as what has attracted everyone into Anarchotranshumanism. Thank you!



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ShadesPath wrote

Anarcho-Transhumanists don't have a solid set of "rituals" or fashion other than wearing things with blue and black in it.


moonlune wrote (edited )

Anarchotranshumanists dress like cybergoths and dance to industrial music under a bridge at least once a week. In their everyday life, they hack the linux kernel and also trade government secrets for bitcoins and never use g00g1e.

They also rave and do drugs and fight the government. Their knowledge of chemistry helps them throw molotov cocktails at protests. /jk

We don't have many anarchotranshumanists on this website but you can get more info from the forum's sidebar. I think they mostly hang out on twitter?


_abs01ut31y_N0_0n3_ OP wrote

Loved this response haha thank you though for pointing me to twitter, I will continue my efforts there