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ziq wrote

I have no plan. I'm powerless to stop it. You're powerless to stop it. The mass extinction event has already happened and we're all just waiting for the tidal wave we created to hit us. You can pretend you have the power to push a tidal wave back if you want, but I'm not spending the little time I have left lying to myself and pretending Superman will swoop down and save us at the last minute because socialism.


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ziq wrote (edited )

If you pay attention to the news, ecological destruction has already happened. A staggering number of species have already gone extinct in the past 20 years because of human industry. The top soil we require to grow food has all but vanished. The pollinator insects have dropped dead en masse. Most plant life has either been bulldozed by industry or dried up and died due to climate change caused by that industry. The groundwater has dwindled to a fraction of its previous levels, and what's left has been poisoned by fracking and other industrial destruction. Vast tracts of land have become uninhabitable, forcing humans to migrate to less degraded lands, which then become over-populated as a result and quickly degrade also.

then what do you think we should do?

Try our best to stay alive while the world burns around us. Enjoy the little time we have left before it all turns to sand.