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I have a tendency to avoid saying "I agree" to people I appreciate and respect, whose ideas I already take into account. "Yes, and..." type of approach, without actually saying it.


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The categories are probably bullshit. But it seems to me that most questions share an internal logic that can be addressed more directly. An Anarchist FAQ writes too many pseudo-policies for my taste.


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Thanks. I remembered that after commenting :P

Currently don't feel like doing it, but I might go for a more systematic approach, collect a ton of questions on r/anarchy101 and try figure out what the questions really are at their core so that we can bundle them together. It seems a rough taxonomy would split questions into categories like

  1. how would society deal with [thing we supposedly handle with governmental structures]

  2. I read some anarchist theory, what do you mean by [slogan, concept, ism] or what are the differences between [tendencies]

  3. Opinions on current/historic developments, public figures and entertainers, etc.

I think it's a good idea to go for a relatively short text. Basically, if we can produce an FAQ I think it would be of the kind that leaves the reader with a desire to ask better questions rather than be satisfied with the aforementioned confident answers. If that makes sense.


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I noticed that recently I don't even try to give meaningful answers on Reddit much anymore, I just troll the implications of the questions asked... I think I actually get more upvotes this way.


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When I've brought anarchism up to people I know it is literally the first question they bring up (usually they don't say it so directly but its there). But nearly everyone I know is cishet so that critique stands

Heh I was just using cishet as a synonym for bad bc it owns. Lol

Well that's a relief

I'm glad someone enjoys my humor


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I would put something in part two about the differences between anarcho-economic system identification and the anarchx-adjective that is a social lens through which we view the world and anarchx-adjective that is a critique of modern society.


Fool wrote (edited )

a push for a more 'untimely' anarchist FAQ — one that isn't just a survey of our current ideas

I was thinking how best to respond to this but I realised that you had already touched upon where my mind was.

As you identify, putting the concepts into text has the problem of cementing the answers into a static immutable form.

While it was already on my mind, "Dawn of Everything" really pushed into my mind the importance of impermanence. Anything that is static will become archaic.

I think the largest problem with the original, and the biggest mistake which could be made would to not acknowledge both the perspectives of the time and the writers - and how they affect the answers to the questions.

Having started with Anarchist theory in the last two years, I was often confused by the critiques of Anarchism from Communists and Capitalists always being focused on the early Anarchists, it was a shock to me how recent many of the texts I was consuming were.

While the concepts held by many here are timeless, they are not "Traditional Anarchism" (a term that I now note should ring alarm bells). "An Anarchist FAQ" is a representation of a "Traditional Anarchism"; that is an ideology of a specific time and perspective - immutable.

Hmm... I feel like I've stumbled into Taoism.

Woo Way! 🐿️


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I like the points you brought up. No questions to answer, only answers to question. Anarchy-as-negation can only really have anti-answers, as it were. So maybe it should be An Anarchist Anti-FAQ?


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How is it taking everyone so long to fix this. It's quite easy? My response my lack in information its has no bs and lots of charm. So I think all the faq should be answered like me.

(I'm only being serious cuz I don't believe these suggestions will actually be used)


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Section 1 Defining our terms

What is Anarchy?

What lettuceleafer does

What is Archy?

What liberals fo

What is Autonomy?

When u can do what u want

What is Mutual Aid?

When u help other people for your own gain

What is Direct Action?

When u wanna do something so u do it rather than trying to get someone else to do it 4 u

What is Praxis?

Stop talking like a nerd

Section 2 Anarchist History and movements

What is the history of anarchism?

Dynamite got thrown at some assholes one time, max Stirner, some old rich guys with sticks up their ass wrote a bunch of nonsens, idk someither stuff I guess maybe some bank robbers

What types of anarchism are there?

Ur extremely nitch opinion is anarchist while all other anarchists are insert type of ideology u don't like

Who are the "big names" in anarchism?

Me, end of list

Following subsections being "what is anarcho-x?" for ones we want to focus on?

If you call yourself a anarch-something I will shove u in a locker

What is Egoism and Post-Workerism?

Me good and really important center of universe. Fuck work

What is post-leftism?

When u bully leftist and not be an oppressive jerk

What about anarcho (insert religion here)? Ehh don't really care but ur still a nerd.

Section 3 Leftism, Capitalism and the State (arguably could be 3 sections)

See above

What is Leftism and How Does it Relate to Anarchy?

It's like anarchy that is really boring and tastes bad

Are Libertarian Socialists the Same as Anarchists?

WTF are u asking me this dork ass questions?

What is Workerism? ' Section H of the anarchist faq has some good questions but I couldn't decied what was worth pulling.

If u r a workerist you are extremely uncool and bad at having fun

Do Anarchists Support Free Speech?

No lol

Can Capitalism Be Anarchist?

No lol

Do Anarchists Practice Democracy?

Fuck no. The only acceptable model is dictatorship by self

What about consensus decision making?

It's ok but I prefer self dictatorship.

What alternative to democracy does anarchism offer?

No democracy

Section B of the anarchist FAQ has some good questions but I couldn't decide what was worth pulling.

Some question here about propoganda.

Propaganda I agree with gud propaganda I disagree with bad

Don't we need police to stay safe? (could arguably be its own section).

No cops make it less safe for me bc I like to sell drugs n guns in primary school parking lots and they make me less safe bc they try n stop me

Section 4 Civilization

What are the root causes of our ecological problems?

Making stuff

Why do some Anarchists oppose Civilization

Bc ur a dork if u like it

I think it warrants its own section but those are the only questions I could come up with. Section 5 Miscellaneous unless you see some more sections I don't

Are anarchists in favour of “absolute” liberty?

Yes liberty is very good. Tho it's a pretty abscure term so it's best to use more sp cific terms like autonomy and ability.

Why do anarchists argue for self-liberation?

Bc I wanna do what I want and not have people tell me what to do.

Are anarchists individualists or collectivists?

Either tho the individualists don't invite the collectivists to their drug and sex parties.

What about “human nature”?

God u r really killing the vibe with these nerd cishet questions

Does anarchism require “perfect” people to work?

No but thankfully I am perfect to pull up the slack

Do anarchists support terrorism?

I ain't answering that

What does an anarchist society look like?

What lettuceleafer does so layabout and do drugs n sex sometimes but mostly just fuck arround

What do Anarchists do? (from section J there are some good thoughts in there).

Whatever the hell u want as long as it's not oppressive


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And also to understand that the anarchy being talked about throughout this wiki isn't set in a far flung ideal future, it's about living anarchy in the here and now, building pockets of resistance and autonomy and cooperation and realizing we can't affect the whole world, or tell people in other lands how to live their lives, we can only affect the places we inhabit and the people in our lives


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My approach to reds' comforting lies has always been to burst their bubbles without any glamor. Like 1 in 10 of them will snap out of it and start to think about real world anarchy instead of their promised rapture/utopia. And 8 out of 10 will just become liberals or tankies when they eventually realize the promise they've been sold isn't going to happen.


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I completely agree with ziq continuous efforts to not let the Anarchist theory to fall into this Ancom rethoric of one true monolithic Anarchism.

Then in this very point I come to agree with you, my Anarchism is a personal perception, and in the same way that I don't bother to postulate my ideas as incisive as ziq does (that's why I don't feel that I am capable of helping in this Anarchist FAQ) I will never posit a conclusion to what Anarchy should be.

So maybe I am I the middle of the road agreeing with both at the same time, hoping that the new FAQ gets enough traction to replace any old propaganda