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Fool wrote

To answer your first question, no. It is an anti-philosophy about questioning societal ideas, which includes anthropocentric ideas.

For your second question, the use of the word "dumb" put an interesting spin on your question. Normally I would suggest rethinking the language you use, to be less Ableist.

However in the context, yes, Egoism is about concepts which cannot be articulated. So yes, it a "dumb" question in a manner of speaking.


CaptainACAB wrote

Egoism was anti-humanist from the jump, so no.

The tendency of liberal humanists to worship the concept of "human" as a replacement for "God" is a recurring critique in egoist philosophy.


CaptainACAB wrote

Are you talking about the memegoist tendency to respond to criticisms of any kind with moral contrarianism; becoming moralists for immorality instead of just being amoral?


"Nice spooks, nerd" doesn't really work when you're using it to exalt behavior that's also haunted.


If so, I've already spent a month thinking and writing about it and it's...really just stale to me now.


Pononimous wrote

Wow! You all actually spend time thinking about shit like this instead of doing important things? No wonder your mothers want to kick your fat incel asses out of her basement!


CaptainACAB wrote

No, no this behavior is indicative of someone who is doing important things.

The raw, sexual charisma of Pononimous cannot be denied; they're definitely the exact type of person to recognize a basement-dwelling incel.

After all, nothing says "well-adjusted, financially independent adult" like someone that actively enjoys that genre of YouTube video.

They're so fucking cool, holy shit.


AnarchoDoom wrote (edited )

Caring about what makes you live (i.e nature, the universe) is the fine line between egoism and egotism, I think. Furthermore, which animals aren't egoist one way or another? I don't like bringing these naturalist comparisons, but this philosophy also represents a tendency found apparently in all life forms, here.


Fool wrote

Shut up!

My mum doesn't have a basement, and I would rather not draw attention to that detail.

I keep my incel ass collection in her shed, thank you very much!


roanoke9 wrote

It sure pleases my ego to place animals on the same level as me. So no. No for me.