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Pononimous wrote

Wow! You all actually spend time thinking about shit like this instead of doing important things? No wonder your mothers want to kick your fat incel asses out of her basement!


CaptainACAB wrote

Can't believe you FUCKIN' NERDS actually like philosophy laWl EcKsDeE


[deleted] wrote


CaptainACAB wrote

Mocking that kind of hobby ain't my style; even assuming that that's actually them.

I'd rather just point out that they seem to think that "shit-caked anus" is a personality.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


CaptainACAB wrote

No, no this behavior is indicative of someone who is doing important things.

The raw, sexual charisma of Pononimous cannot be denied; they're definitely the exact type of person to recognize a basement-dwelling incel.

After all, nothing says "well-adjusted, financially independent adult" like someone that actively enjoys that genre of YouTube video.

They're so fucking cool, holy shit.


Fool wrote

Shut up!

My mum doesn't have a basement, and I would rather not draw attention to that detail.

I keep my incel ass collection in her shed, thank you very much!