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zoom_zip OP wrote (edited )

took a stab at this section. needs to be worked on more. some things i could use feedback on:

  • in the example of "law" vs "choice" i used a property crime as an example (vandalism). this isn't ideal because "property" is a whole 'nother subject to be addressed, and it might be confusing to reference property crime in one section, and then later say "property doesn't exist!". but i couldn't think of a better example.

  • part two after the second heading needs to be expanded slightly, but I was getting hung up on something. this is the paragraph as I was working on it:

Some who view anarchy see it as an empty space whereby strong exploiters will step in to fill the hole left behind by the state. Think of corporations putting fences and guards around natural water sources so they can restrict people's access to water, and thus charge them money for it. You might argue that under a system of absolute autonomy, they have the freedom to do this. But, this equally restricts on the autonomy of every other person to freely access that water. [Gave up here]

i think that just got into some muddy water definition that i wasn't really confident in.

  • did i miss anything? i didn't really reference the text at all for this. is there anything from that text that should be kept?

zoom_zip OP wrote

also, should this have a “further reading” section? does anyone know what texts could be included? maybe linking to the text there