Submitted by halfway_prince in AnarchistFAQ

Might be cool to think about different ways of presenting information.

maybe a flow chart with interrelated FAQ's in visual format and then recommendations for further reading in each topic area.

(obviously having an all text version is essential to make sure that text-to-voice can work so non-visual readers can also engage).

would be down to try putting something together like this once some of the list of FAQ's are established.

Any other recommendations for style / structure changes?

Also if primary organizers had a different place they wanted to facilitate this kind of discussion, my bad i don't want to disrupt ya'lls stuff.



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ziq wrote

primary organizers are dipshits

that being said, i don't know how to present information in flow charts or visual formats other than halfassed memes, so you're going to need to do it


halfway_prince OP wrote

Once we have a complete list of the pages/questions it'll be easier to know whether something visual would be helpful.

But yeah, down to give it a shot if it seems worth the effort.