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lori wrote (edited )

For two years there has been evidence of population transfers in imperialist Rojava. The Battle of Raqqa has had the biggest impact on the deArabization of these lands. Imperialist Rojava has been systemically ethnically cleansing Arabs to artifically construct a Kurdish ethnostate on Syria's land.

The UN has investigated such and determined the exact opposite, actually. If you have evidence more convincing than a UN report, feel free to reply on whatever shitty alt you're on now.

Around half of the SDF is Arabs now, which is almost identical to the actual representation of the territory they occupy, which seems like a bad choice for a supposed aspiring ethnostate.

Though allegations of ‘ethnic cleansing’ continued to be received during the period under review, the Commission found no evidence to substantiate claims that YPG [Kurdish People’s Protection Units] or SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces] ever targeted Arab communities on the basis of ethnicity, nor that YPG cantonal authorities systematically sought to change the demographic composition of territories under their control through the commission of violations directed against any particular ethnic group.


lori wrote

I just don’t see how a revolution can happen if anarchist comrades would be the first ones to tarnish and sabotage the vanguard party’s actions. I don't see how the party can succeed with you all standing in our way and shouting us down.