Bans in /f/Anarchism

Username Reason Banned Expires
lolsicle haha lol Never
Airci ban evasion Never
Radirci ban evasion Never
Datardaci ban evasion Never
Radarci Ban evasion Never
comrade_pikachu Ableism Never
Atassa troll Never
Katrin spammer Never
BADC misogyny in f/meta, posing as an anarchist to troll Never
LanguageBot broken bot Never
ryan77769 Spam Never
EmeraldShark nazi Never
cello spammer Never
Goowop "Suck my dick" Never
anarchist_critic Doubling down on ableism plus being crying 'reverse sexism' when called a brocialist Never
yesimawhiteman Stupid whiney whitey kid ~ Dale's nose with love <3 Never
PurpleDaisy conspiracy spam Never
SaneRaddleISwear Oct10 troll, liberal Never
ProudCuck oct 6 troll Never
ziqisafaggot69420360 october raids Never
Somebody_somewhere october raids Never
Crackwater fashy, october raid Never
niBBBBBers 4chan october raid Never
nignog october raid Never