Bans in /f/Anarchism

Username Reason Banned Expires
Aurora ableism Never
!deleted23860 ban evasion Never
Allyouwantiscivility ban evasion Never
yolohimself i give it an hour before you get permabanned so whatever Never
lolsicle haha lol Never
Airci ban evasion Never
Radirci ban evasion Never
Datardaci ban evasion Never
Radarci Ban evasion Never
comrade_pikachu Ableism Never
Atassa troll Never
Katrin spammer Never
BADC misogyny in f/meta, posing as an anarchist to troll Never
LanguageBot broken bot Never
ryan77769 Spam Never
EmeraldShark nazi Never
cello spammer Never
Goowop "Suck my dick" Never
anarchist_critic Doubling down on ableism plus being crying 'reverse sexism' when called a brocialist Never
yesimawhiteman Stupid whiney whitey kid ~ Dale's nose with love <3 Never
PurpleDaisy conspiracy spam Never
SaneRaddleISwear Oct10 troll, liberal Never
ProudCuck oct 6 troll Never
ziqisafaggot69420360 october raids Never