Bans in /f/Anarchism

Username Reason Banned Expires
brv_016 ban evasion? Never
!deleted26061 troll Never
!deleted25735 racist troll Never
!deleted25554 spam Never
!deleted25479 it's okay to fuck off Never
!deleted25434 troll Never
!deleted25339 troll Never
alb racist Never
Aurora ableism Never
!deleted23860 ban evasion Never
Allyouwantiscivility ban evasion Never
yolohimself i give it an hour before you get permabanned so whatever Never
lolsicle haha lol Never
Airci ban evasion Never
Radirci ban evasion Never
Datardaci ban evasion Never
Radarci Ban evasion Never
comrade_pikachu Ableism Never
Atassa troll Never
Katrin spammer Never
BADC misogyny in f/meta, posing as an anarchist to troll Never
LanguageBot broken bot Never
ryan77769 Spam Never
EmeraldShark nazi Never
cello spammer Never