Democratic Tsunami calls for day off action in Barcelona, Dec 18

Submitted by deathdirge in Anarchism

COMUNICAT DEMOCRATIC TSUNAMI COMMUNICATED FOR THE DAY OF DECEMBER 18 CLASSICAL BARÇA - MADRID The Democratic Tsunami is aware of the importance of a game like Barça - Madrid for sports enthusiasts. However, the political, judicial and repressive moment is exceptional. It must be understood that one must sit down and talk about freedom, fundamental rights and self-determination in Catalonia. The Democratic Tsunami launches a day of mobilization for December 18, inviting all citizens to book the date and come to the city of Barcelona. In this regard, an action has been activated in the application of the Democratic Tsunami where assistance is requested. In the case of partners or enthusiasts with entry for the match, an internal confirmation message is requested through the Democracy Tsunami APP. With prisoners, exiles, without self-determination or fullness of fundamental rights, there is no normality. On 18, the classic one will play it all. This is # LaForçaDeLaGent TSUNAMID


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