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ziq wrote

All I did was try to understand what their needs were and make suggestions to be helpful and they sent me this heated pm:

Your profile says "You don't need to be ruled" and I'm assuming you're the leader of this community, yet you're another person fighting me so hard in deploying an instance.

Before you respond to that, understand this:

  1. Blockchain isn't bullshit. Its far away from what its supposed to be, but it isn't bullshit.
  2. The team running Bitcoin is. They're closely tied with Bitfinex & Tether, and that concerns me. Blockstream has built a lot of avenues for Tether to be laundered & hidden in TXs via 'Liquid'
  1. Blockchains like Bitcoin Cash also have serious problems. Their difficulty retargeting algo is fucking broken.

The issue is fixable. I want to bring academics in to this space #1. Also, I have a lot of information that needs to get out and this instance just distracts from that. Its too political. I don't mind it, but I don't have time to debate w people about anarchy. I don't care and its not my fight / battle.

I'm black. Last time I went to court, they threw me in jail despite me sitting through waiting for my name to be called and simply said I 'wasn't there'. I never fucked with the gov't to begin with so that's nothing special to me.

Cryptography is important though and so is blockchain. I know what I'm talking about and what I'm doing and I know what I will build.

Again, my Telegram has 25,000+ messages for a combined 1 million words. I started it December 2017. That means in less than 2 years I have published as many words in there as J.K. Rowling published in her entire Harry Potter series.

No, there was no help. And, yes, I did do this while simultaneously managing several other platforms.

I'm blessed. I don't question it & I certainly don't care who believes it. I type well over 170+ WPM and I'm fucking smart & I was in the same 'Gifted & Talented' program they threw Mark Zuckerberg and the other Harvard kids in when they were kids. I just had parents that beat me daily and hated me so I didn't get to go to the fancy camps like the rest of them.

I know what its like to be fucking broke and hungry. I know what its like to be incarcerated over dumb shit /shit you didn't do. What I am doing is leisure to me - always. But if you don't want to help me deploy an instance (purposefully), then know that the values you claim to stand on are extremely hollow and more than likely for sure or to beat your chest over the internet.