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librehash OP wrote

You are though lol. You tried to call me a 'cop' because I publish reports putting people on to the fact that rich Jewish people that already have tens of millions of dollars are hustling the living fuck out of them, hand over fist, then moving that shit offshores.

You think they're 'one of you'? Lol. You think these people don't bribe & corrupt the fuck out of gov'ts so they can do what they want? You think these aren't the type of people that lobby hard as hell to make sure they can continue bending you over, no lube?

And you had the nerve to run that shit about 'capitalism'.


ziq wrote

What's with the anti-Semitism? Seriously, how hard is it to come to a forum and not be a giant bigot? I'm so tired of new users coming here and quickly proving to be racist and misogynistic assholes. It's like the whole world is filled with hate. Why are you like this?


lori wrote

Sometimes I wonder how many people think these things and don't say it. Where I live, I know the white elders do - George Wallace almost entirely won this county. But I always wonder if the younger folk are better or just hiding it.


jumboja wrote

If they're raised in a racist society they're likely to harbor racist inclinations. Very very few people break free of society's programming.


Splinglebot wrote

hold on I thought it was all clouds' fault how are new users still bigoted now that she's gone


ziq wrote

do you maybe want to quote me saying clouds is responsible for people being bigots?