This Site is Full of Fake Anarchists - Its Disappointing

Submitted by librehash in Anarchism (edited )

Edit : There are mad typos, I know. I posted this all in one go because I don't care. I could edit it now, but why? Might as well give the people here something to nitpick so that you all can convince yourselves that the one or two typos in this post below are enough to invalidate my intelligence and the veracity of everything I'm saying. You need that. Its a more comfortable reality than the truth. I wouldn't be surprised if the gov't runs this fucking instance. Someone finally shows up saying, 'Hey, let's actually build a side instance (don't give a fuck if you help apart from deployment - won't stop you, but won't ask) that addresses some real world issues from someone that's tired of standing around watching the dickhead narcissists at Bitcoin beat each other off talking about 'When we hitting $20,000 again bro? Decentralization. Revolution. Industry disruptor.'

I expect that this thread will be deleted, because like the true posers that exist on this website, you all claim to be for ideas that you're not really willing to live up to - in even the most basic facet.

I made the respect of taking you all at face value when I put up this post =

Now, after reading responses, I'm calling spades. A lot of people in here come across as scared bitches to me.

I asked if someone here is willing to get paid to help me launch an instance of raddle(.)me. I like the site's GUI and I don't have time to dick around doing sysadmin work because:

A) I don't know how


B) I don't have time

Its that simple.

"But Post Your Content Here!"

No. There's a bunch of opinion-based shit here and a lot of talk with zero action. So, no. Maybe if there was some substative, organized and meaningful discussion of plans/actions that was centered around a defensible manifesto/agenda that stemmed from a deeper, well-thought out overarching goal then...sure.

But there isn't one. So, I'd prefer to not have the 15+ year hangover teenage angst polluting real content.

I'm Doing What You Fake Anarchists Claim to Be Doing

Its awesome you log on the internet and talk shit about the internet. I'm sure they're threatened. I'm looking to build an instance for blockchain.

"B-b-b-but blockchain?? That's a scam. They don't know what they're doing!"

Yeah. No fucking duh. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing. It is legitimate, but you have a lot of dumbasses and criminals that run the space.

Criminals run Bitcoin. I don't mean that in the same 'loose' sense that you may say, "Criminals run the world!" - but I mean it literally.

And, no, these aren't the 'anon', masked crusader online activist hero criminals you imagine. I'm talking about the same old, button up - shirt with a tie, clock in to your 9 to 5 Wall Street mother fuckers. You know, the people ya'll claim to hate.

Why do you think I came here? I thought you all would get it, but it seems that all that 'woke' / 'red pill' unplugging and you all still don't get it. You're suscpetible to the same propaganda. You're not really aware of what's going on, probably spent all of about 5 minutes really digging into it or you may know enough to hold a surface-level conversation, but you have no clue what's under the hood when it comes to blockchain at all. Its a buzzword for you and you've written it off because of that.

That's a Fuck Up - Its Your Only Portal To What You Want

CREAM. Nigga (yes I can say that).

You wanna know what I like about Bitcoin? The fact I can ask someone to help me deploy an instance of Raddle(.)me and I can pay them for it in crypto at 2 a.m. in the morning and be halfway across the world from them and not have to worry about my 'bank' stopping me.

Its my fucking money. Period.

"But what about hackers!!!!??? Its so complex!!!"

Tough shit. Being an adult is tough. Yeah, I agree w some of you guys' philosophy. Am I anti-government? Fuck no. If that offends you, I don't care. I'm not here to be an 'anarchist', I'm here for blockchain and cryptography. Period. And I am seeking help building another instance. Its actually in the best benefit of everyone here (yes, it is).

And you should care about what I'm saying because Interpol, Europol & the U.S. are going after encryption. A lot of you all are still running around using Telegram & Signal thinking you're secure and I crack up.

Why is Signal free, you think? Why did the Signal creator get so mad at the 'LibreSignal' instance? What is his motivation for hosting the servers for it?

Wake the fuck up:

"But Why Don't You Just Start a Forum Here?"

Because none of you are trying to do shit about this. I need my own space to post my own content and start building a community where I can wake people up and do the same. I'm already liaising with people at universities. You know, the folks that like learning, can help create ideas, and actually know what they're talking about - not multi million dollar corporations like Blockstream that run Bitcoin and have veto access to the code (oops!).

And by academics, I mean academics - not people like Joi Ito that helped Jeffrey Epstein move dirty ass money through MIT Media Lab (Joi resigned ; there was scandal, then it died - again, our friends that rule and run Bitcoin were left unquestioned).

##Don't Want to Help I'll Go Through You

Like many said. The code is open-sourced. I'll go through you all if no one wants to help.

I will raise the money necessary and pay an absurd bag to get someone to help or sit down and figure the shit out and become the sysadmin I need to be until I can deploy what I need.

Either way, you can't stop me and, unless someone here is willing to volunteer to outwork me (no one), I'm doing you all a favor.

"Durrrr, how is this a favor to us?"

A. I'm hosting a shitload of information about blockchain. Not the 'information' you're used to - but that real shit like this: (TX with no sender; wondering how to do that or send 'confidential transactions' ? Oh, I know and would love to share but jackasses want to stop me)

B. "Muhhhh VPN!" ; liboqs is out already. Its a solid base for a library (could be better). Namecoin (via bdns) in combination with OpenNIC has already shown us its uses because it allows users to install an extension in their browser that re-routes DNS settings so that instead of tapping the default DNS servers, you're using blockchain.

"But duuuuddddeee, how!"

Because Bitcoin/Ethereum/etc., apart from being 'blockchain' are also just massive networks. Its not TCP/IP (hierarchal), but P2P (think bittorrent). The node P2P nature of the architecture isn't used throughout the entire blockchain process. You have to connect to peers to be on the network, but when it comes to updating the chain, etc., that falls on 'mining'.

In addition to monitoring the chain, nodes can also host other protocols. Mirrors are small enough (bytes-wise) to fit in op_return data (null TX). These can be sent to other nodes or distributed among them w ease. Also, surprise! The public key hashes in TXs (P2PKH) derive from secp256k1 (Koblitz) curves, which means that using Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Schemes, we can basically create a much more secure version GPG or PKI - which fits in perfectly with the distribution of data. (I have a million links and resources like this)

Also, in terms of stuffing 'mirrors' in op_return data, even that is unnecessary because we're talking about data - not money. Data is duplicable. We don't need to ensure there are no 'counterfeits', just that the copy is not altered (i.e., checksum ; oh wait, Bitcoin has SHA256, right?).

So we can just create another client for this kind of thing.


Don't play with me. Nobody on planet earth has put the time I've put in to this space. Nobody is getting in my fucking way.

I'm asking if anyone can help because that's the most logical way forward - but don't get it fucked up, I will deploy.

Oh, and 'Zim' or 'ziq'? Getting users is nothing. In fact, trivial. Maybe for you that's an uphill battle, but when you produce good quality content that people need, want & demand you blow up.

I'm already up. Thanks.

This is what real anarchy looks like, bitch.

If you want to help and you're not super sensitive & I didn't hurt your feelings and you want to actually be a part of something constructive rather than posting about your opinions all day, feel free to shoot me a message. I'm aggregating people with the know how to get shit done that are about sitting down, getting ideas on paper and trying shit.

If it works, hot dog! If not, we're back to the drawing board.

You let life beat you up - not me.



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asbestosstar wrote

I honestly have had hard times trying to setup postmill, but youth post was just so poorly written and had so much rambling, like this post. It was full of unneeded and confusing information. Yet people still tried to help you. Postmill and Raddle are not the same thing , Postmill is the script /Cms which Raddle runs on. Someone calling you a cop does not make them a fake anarchist, and other people not helping you does not make hem a fake anarchist, and you do not need to support cryptocurrency to be an anarchists.


nbdy wrote

Fake anarchist here! I’m just in it for the clout


librehash OP wrote

You are though lol. You tried to call me a 'cop' because I publish reports putting people on to the fact that rich Jewish people that already have tens of millions of dollars are hustling the living fuck out of them, hand over fist, then moving that shit offshores.

You think they're 'one of you'? Lol. You think these people don't bribe & corrupt the fuck out of gov'ts so they can do what they want? You think these aren't the type of people that lobby hard as hell to make sure they can continue bending you over, no lube?

And you had the nerve to run that shit about 'capitalism'.


ziq wrote

What's with the anti-Semitism? Seriously, how hard is it to come to a forum and not be a giant bigot? I'm so tired of new users coming here and quickly proving to be racist and misogynistic assholes. It's like the whole world is filled with hate. Why are you like this?


lori wrote

Sometimes I wonder how many people think these things and don't say it. Where I live, I know the white elders do - George Wallace almost entirely won this county. But I always wonder if the younger folk are better or just hiding it.


jumboja wrote

If they're raised in a racist society they're likely to harbor racist inclinations. Very very few people break free of society's programming.


Splinglebot wrote

hold on I thought it was all clouds' fault how are new users still bigoted now that she's gone


ziq wrote

do you maybe want to quote me saying clouds is responsible for people being bigots?


celebratedrecluse wrote

asked if someone here is willing to get paid to help me launch an instance of raddle(.)me. I like the site's GUI and I don't have time to dick around doing sysadmin work because: A) I don't know how and B) I don't have time. Its that simple.

and yet

"But Post Your Content Here!" No. There's a bunch of opinion-based shit here and a lot of talk with zero action.

Sounds like you're the one who has a problem with acting on your plans. We have a website already, you seemingly can't get it together. Good luck with your endeavors, if you want labor done you'll simply have to ask one of your many followers instead of coming to a random outside community and begging for help, getting owned online and then whining about it in a series of hilarious posts.

This is definitely going on /f/bestof lol


ziq wrote

All I did was try to understand what their needs were and make suggestions to be helpful and they sent me this heated pm:

Your profile says "You don't need to be ruled" and I'm assuming you're the leader of this community, yet you're another person fighting me so hard in deploying an instance.

Before you respond to that, understand this:

  1. Blockchain isn't bullshit. Its far away from what its supposed to be, but it isn't bullshit.
  2. The team running Bitcoin is. They're closely tied with Bitfinex & Tether, and that concerns me. Blockstream has built a lot of avenues for Tether to be laundered & hidden in TXs via 'Liquid'
  1. Blockchains like Bitcoin Cash also have serious problems. Their difficulty retargeting algo is fucking broken.

The issue is fixable. I want to bring academics in to this space #1. Also, I have a lot of information that needs to get out and this instance just distracts from that. Its too political. I don't mind it, but I don't have time to debate w people about anarchy. I don't care and its not my fight / battle.

I'm black. Last time I went to court, they threw me in jail despite me sitting through waiting for my name to be called and simply said I 'wasn't there'. I never fucked with the gov't to begin with so that's nothing special to me.

Cryptography is important though and so is blockchain. I know what I'm talking about and what I'm doing and I know what I will build.

Again, my Telegram has 25,000+ messages for a combined 1 million words. I started it December 2017. That means in less than 2 years I have published as many words in there as J.K. Rowling published in her entire Harry Potter series.

No, there was no help. And, yes, I did do this while simultaneously managing several other platforms.

I'm blessed. I don't question it & I certainly don't care who believes it. I type well over 170+ WPM and I'm fucking smart & I was in the same 'Gifted & Talented' program they threw Mark Zuckerberg and the other Harvard kids in when they were kids. I just had parents that beat me daily and hated me so I didn't get to go to the fancy camps like the rest of them.

I know what its like to be fucking broke and hungry. I know what its like to be incarcerated over dumb shit /shit you didn't do. What I am doing is leisure to me - always. But if you don't want to help me deploy an instance (purposefully), then know that the values you claim to stand on are extremely hollow and more than likely for sure or to beat your chest over the internet.


El_Sabate wrote (edited by a moderator )

God, what a fucking little -.

Good luck on your crypto-dystopia, I hope it's everything you want it to be and embodies everything terrible about blockchain. Peace out you anti-semetic, racist piece of shit.


ziq admin wrote

don't use misogynistic slurs please


El_Sabate wrote

Sorry about that! Thanks for pointing it out, I'll try not to repeat it.