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DarkArmillary wrote

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Nah, one of my major criticisms is with the ideologues, who put ideology and group-think above critical thinking, actual material concerns, and empathy. The result tends to be toxic and repulsive, as seen on this very site.

Also I wonder if the mods will have the decency to shut down your impersonator account...?

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7b48dfb784360de35598f8dd3 wrote

People on this site seem pretty into anarchism as a philosophy as far as I can tell so what ideology are you taking about?


DarkArmillary wrote

u/nousername, I wish people on this site were into anarchism as a philosophy, and could, for instance, discuss values and explain their reasoning. But most seem to rely on it as Ideology, sometimes with an almost cult-like fervor (which is itself a sign of Ideology).

Philosophy is dynamic and critical; Ideology is static and dogmatic.

Philosophy is wide-ranging and dialogical; Ideology is narrow and prescribed, leading to a demanding and authoritarian groupthink. It can, and does, happen within anarchism.

Philosophy is the very movement of thought; Ideology calcifies and stultifies thought.


shanc wrote

Not a bad post tbh. We'd all do well to follow your advice here, and you'd do well to follow your own advice too.