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DarkArmillary wrote

Anarchist lifestylists: "woohoo Rojava Revolution, permanent insurrection aw hell yeah! PS, fuck Murray Bookchin. What did he ever do for Anarchism anyway?"


lori wrote

the dead white dude from vermont clearly caused the revolution, not half a century of struggles by an oppressed people


DarkArmillary wrote

People have been struggling against oppression for millennia. Of course there's history there, and you could have gone back further.

Obviously I'm not speaking ill, or taking anything away from the people who have been doing the fighting and the dying for their freedom and the freedom of others in the Kurdistan region, to bring up the fact that Bookchin's writings were highly influential to that social revolution. You'd think an anarchist would recognize that it's a positive thing that Bookchin's anarchist / anarchistic writings were influential in turning a social movement away from authoritarianism.


DarkArmiIIary wrote

were influential in turning a social movement away from authoritarianism

If not for this dead white guy they might be savages!!!


DarkArmiIIary wrote

Waaaahhh, why can't everyone give me ideological purity waaahhhhh?


arj wrote (edited )

Revolution/Insurrection... pick one. Also what does Rojava have to do with Anarchism other than some anarchists stand in solidarity with them? You do know a people are not an ideology... right?


ziq wrote

Penned salty rants badmouthing anarchism in order to sell social ecology certificates?


DarkArmiIIary wrote

it makes me angry when people don't fit neatly into clean, clearly marked ideologies


DarkArmillary wrote

Nah, one of my major criticisms is with the ideologues, who put ideology and group-think above critical thinking, actual material concerns, and empathy. The result tends to be toxic and repulsive, as seen on this very site.

Also I wonder if the mods will have the decency to shut down your impersonator account...?

[ u/bloodrose ]


7b48dfb784360de35598f8dd3 wrote

People on this site seem pretty into anarchism as a philosophy as far as I can tell so what ideology are you taking about?


DarkArmillary wrote

u/nousername, I wish people on this site were into anarchism as a philosophy, and could, for instance, discuss values and explain their reasoning. But most seem to rely on it as Ideology, sometimes with an almost cult-like fervor (which is itself a sign of Ideology).

Philosophy is dynamic and critical; Ideology is static and dogmatic.

Philosophy is wide-ranging and dialogical; Ideology is narrow and prescribed, leading to a demanding and authoritarian groupthink. It can, and does, happen within anarchism.

Philosophy is the very movement of thought; Ideology calcifies and stultifies thought.


shanc wrote

Not a bad post tbh. We'd all do well to follow your advice here, and you'd do well to follow your own advice too.