Submitted by darda in Anarchism (edited )

The Ok boomer phrase is ageist, makes an enemy out of the elderly and most of all it goes against class solidarity which is exactly what the capitalists want, to turn us against our fellow workers.

I suggest saying instead "Ok bourgeoisie" and if anyone says Ok boomer a mod should warn them once and then ban them if it happens again.



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lori wrote

It's a callout for white, well-off people who succeeded by pushing everyone else over, and then pulled the ladder out from under them. It's never been used against literally any elder, just those privileged enough to enjoy fucking over everyone else.

Also "ok bourgeoisie" sounds terrible to say or read.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

Even if a person of this group hears someone say that to another person, knowing the intent, I could imagine them feeling at least a little hurt or uncomfortable about it— they could want to distance themself from those who use the phrase.


darda OP wrote

Even if you don't use it to attack a working class boomer, you're still hurting him by turning his whole group into an insult. How can we built class consciousness this way?


lori wrote

I've never seen anyone genuinely insulted by it other than the people who should feel genuinely insulted by it. People get the meaning.


darda OP wrote

What generation are you in?


lori wrote

None of your business.


darda OP wrote

Ok let's say you're a gen x. What would you feel like if in 20 years all the kids are saying Ok Gen X?


lori wrote (edited )

sounds hilarious to me and also appropriate given nobody's doing enough action to ensure a livable world


[deleted] wrote


lori wrote

im gonna fucking die did you just equivalate boomer with the n word


CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

Using Ok Boomer is the same as using a slur that has always been used to dehumanize entire societies based on skin color.

This is the whitest take on raddle. Congrats. Also, go fuck yourself.


DarkArmillary wrote (edited )

As someone who is neither a boomer nor a zoomer, I am neither insulted nor amused by it. To me it just sounds immature, like a sarcastic teenage comment directed at their parents or grandparents. I'm not convinced by the attempt at dressing it up in a structural analysis, as I've known plenty of boomer activists who have been fighting the good fight for longer than I've been alive.



DarkArmillary wrote

"The meme is mostly used by young people on social media to respond to perceived condescension from older users – but it’s been touted as a way to understand why job and life prospects are constrained for so many young people. It’s not capitalists, it’s not the politicians who serve them – it’s “boomers”, or everyone born in the two decades after the second world war.

Like much of online culture, “OK Boomer” tells us something about the cultural dominance of upper-middle-class youth. These young people are surrounded by baby boomers who’ve “hoarded all the wealth” and polluted the planet in the process. They haven’t had to witness – or deal with the ramifications of – old age and precarity for millions of working people in that generational cohort. Instead they get to revel without self-reflection in oedipal angst about their elders – many of whom were kind enough to pass them their ill-gotten privileges.

Workers of all ages, after all, barely earn enough to survive, much less save for retirement. A 2018 PBS Newshour report notes that half of Americans approaching age 65 have less than $25,000 in savings. One in four don’t even have $1,000. ... "After all, the problem with generational analysis is that even though it claims to be rooted in economic realities, it cannot see the reality of class. There were plenty of “Gen Xers” and older “millennials” convincing “boomers” to refinance away the small amount of wealth they had accumulated. There were also plenty of “boomers” who didn’t feel any generational solidarity while exploiting people their own age and amassing vast fortunes in the process."