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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Permanent insurrection.
(same as now, same as always, just in different forms depending on context.)

Even in a world without authority (which an anarcho-communist world would not be), we'd have to maintain that, deepen it, and it can be deepened endlessly. Ideally we'd bring the world into a state that it was auto-enriching in relation to itself in ways that never stagnate into dominating structures.

I've got a longer, more detailed answer, that involves talking about pedagogy and time and other things like cosmology, and then there's also the problems with leftism and civilization. But I'm busy AF so I gotta leave it here.


Larde OP wrote

which an anarcho-communist world would not be

Why do you say that?


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I think that anarcho-communist critiques of authority do not go far enough, and they carry a lot of the baggage of the worst parts of the left. There are many ways that authority congeals that are not well considered by anarcho-communist critiques.

I'll have to keep it very short, but there's plenty of reading on any of the things I'm talking about if you want to take it further.

How technology requires levels of specialisation in specific individuals and groups that tend to produce loci of power.

How agriculture allows for the emergence of cities, which in turn tend to alienate city-dwellers from their resources and their waste, creating growth-based societies that demand ever more resources to maintain themselves, which tends to amount to wars over resources.

How leftist forms of organisation themselves promote representational politics that create institutions that outlive their immediate usefulness and continue to function despite the changed needs of the individuals participating in the institution.

Those are a few off the top of my head, I'm sure there are many more. But each of them correspond generally to very general and shallow critiques of technology, civilisation, and leftism respectively.


SomeIconoclast wrote

Escape from civilization before most of the other people in my country (and pretty much every other western country, tbh) realize that they're entirely unwilling to give up the luxuries afforded to them through Neo-liberalism and Neo-colonialism and try to bring the state and Capitalism back.


Basil wrote

same thing I plan to do anyway. Be a teacher, have a dog, live somewhere kinda cold, be happy, lowkey advocate for primitivism. It would just be easier to do all that.


Larde OP wrote

Why are there so many primitivists here?


Basil wrote

Turns out they make some pretty good arguments when you get right down to it. I disagree with a lot of arguments they make but there are a few good ones, and those ones are their main ones.


shanc wrote

Be imprisoned in a labour camp most likely. You?


rot wrote

not work sooner. join a real community.


jouissance wrote

Go to Haida Gwaii and have muddy sex with sasquatches in the old-growth forests.


anextremelyonlineG wrote

Get drone struck because my own comrades snitched me out to the empire


kore wrote

build fucked up gadgets with all the surplus from pre-revolution. we could fly hot pink fighter jets that drop giant seed bombs. yeah just repurposing stuff. Like hydroelectric dams could probably still be made functional which would be cool. There's just a ridiculous amount of stuff that's in private hands now that would be so much fucking fun to play around with.


L0rdEMPRESS_GaLaXyBrAiN wrote

All those things sound very destructive to the environment and all anyone has been doing is playing around with the earth like it's some game. :s


kore wrote

Okay fine, biodiesel fighter jets. Maybe hydroelectric dams was an extreme example.