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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

No. Why not read up on it? You seem underinformed about these questions in the same way that liberals are underinformed about anarchism, thinking it's mere chaos, etc.


Peter_J_Kropotkin OP wrote

If I knew the answer I wouldn't need to ask the question. If I can't ask questions on a message board, then why have message boards? We could just have wikipedia.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Because the way that you ask the question has included making judgements of 'reactionary' about something you admit you don't know about. So, is it reactionary or do you not know about it?


Peter_J_Kropotkin OP wrote

If their real beliefs are anarcho-primtivism? Of course.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

So, based on a inimical urbandictionary post that clearly reflects no genuine attempt to understand the position, you both know nothing and know enough to call it reactionary, likening it to how nazis have rebranded to the alt-right. You don't seem like you're trying to understand anything. You seem like you've already made your decisions. Is that clear to you or are you just a troll?

Ok I'm done with you. If anybody wants to ban this person for the class-reductionism that suits me fine. I gotta get some work done.


insurrectobot wrote (edited )

is "ancom" just the new re-brand of "state communism" so they can hide their real authoritarianism that thankfully in the present era has only managed to manifest itself in the form of virtual historical reenactment societies and workerist revolution cosplay tendencies?


ziq wrote

Pretty much. Anprimitivism accumulated a lot of ideological baggage over time (read: collectivism) so it needed to be taken back to the basics.