How to minimize negative impact when buying things?

Submitted by seitanicqueer98 in Anarchism

This is not about a theoretically anarchist society--I have a practical question about day-to-day realities. I'm thinking about all the money I spend on food, makeup, personal luxuries and small stuff (not rent), and how each dollar is a vote. My view is basically I should avoid giving funds to chains/corporations, and instead put my money towards local growers, mom n pop places, etc. And then one could also steal from corporations which will never suffer from any financial loss. For things like backpacks, shoes, clothes, etc. do y'all tend to avoid purchasing from retail companies cuz of sweatshop labor? I would think buying those things secondhand thru Ebay or other type of middleman platform is better but not sure how big an impact it really makes. I wanna know your thoughts even tho I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this. If this seems like a noob question it's cuz I am.


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NEOalquimista wrote

I always look for less known brands, but also considering the information they provide about the product. I know it's evil when the company says "you will never look to the other brand again" or "always choose <product>" or any other stupid commercial that seems to be made for brainless zombies. Ew.

See if the company is more dedicated in providing real information, not dumbed down advertising. Talk is always cheap. Make them show to you that they did what they promised to do.

Always give priority for local products, made near where you live. Look for the origin of them on their plastic wraps or boxes.

But that's all I think about when I'm buying something. Perhaps someone will bring alternative approaches to discuss.