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Ant wrote

Just to be clear, you've just in one fell swoop basically looked down on anarchists, treating them like unruly children in need of education, and literally threatened them with "decisive action" (usually in the case of you disgusting people is death or gulag), but my response to your horrible engagment, which points to the marxist's failure to understand that means produce ends and therefore that the personal is political, is the one that is abusive?

fackoff stankie


leftunity OP wrote

Thank you so much for making all my points for me. As soon as a Marxist comes along and tries to engage you all in intelligent debate, you go straight for the jugular, try to abuse us into silence because you know you can't possibly debate us in earnest without actual theory behind you. Pathetic.

Is it so hard to understand that a society requires certain mechanisms to function and securing those mechanisms for the people has to take precedent over coddling counter-revolutionary reactionaries that are actively trying to destroy those very mechanisms and push us back to the dark ages?

Fuck anarchists, you're all pathetic spoiled teenagers that couldn't lead a revolution if your sad middle class lives depended on it.


Ant wrote

seriously though try to understand even a single thing people have been saying to you


Splinglebot wrote

intelligent debate

is that what you're calling this drivel? Sorry I thought you were trying to proselytize for your religion