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transtifa wrote

If you read the discussions we have about how we view anarchism on Raddle, and read Noam Chomsky's "On Anarchy" or watch his speeches, you'll notice the VERY stark difference.


jabber OP wrote

The way I view anarchism is a loose association of business owners that cooperate when we have common interests but compete with each other when we don't (so the free market isn't compromised). I'm not sure how you all view anarchism because I see anti-democracy, anti-capitalism, anti-society even. At first I thought you were ancoms but now I'm not so sure.


Splinglebot wrote (edited )

the business owners have a common interest in maintaining power over their employees, and basically everyone who isn't a business owner. They would be the ruling class in this situation so I don't see what this has to do with anarchy

I'm pretty sure most of us here aren't ancoms, no (though some are). You can probably get some idea as to how most people here see anarchism on the wiki w/anarchy101.


jabber OP wrote

But the employees have their own unions so they also have power over the companies...

They have democracy within their union and we have democracy within our association. Everyone gets democracy.

That's what anarchism is all about, being able to participate in the democratic process and having the freedom to speak, whatever your beliefs are.

When the smart employees earn enough from working and use it to open their own businesses, they will leave the union and join the association.


Splinglebot wrote (edited )

if the union has sufficient power over their employer why wouldn't they just cut out the middle man and run the business themselves?

and there's little doubt that being "smart" in this case would amount to not threatening the business class' interests