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depth_of_my_ego OP wrote

Is there another platform you would recommend?


zer0crash wrote

Successful Media requires tremendous exposure. Yes, YT is full of trash and not open source but it is the biggest, ubiquitous media platform. Just because the right wing occupies a large swathe does not mean we should simply resign to fate and let them have it. The reason they infest the platform is largely because our lack of presence there. The left ought to become acquainted with occupying space that is not familiar, or even hostile. We must begin reclaiming territory. A winning strategy would be to post the videos in All The Platforms you can. Also making it available as a podcast would increase exposure as well.


Chomskyist wrote



Buenaventura_Djibouti wrote (edited )

I actually think YouTube has space for Anarchism. As someone to came to the politics fairly recently, YouTube was indespensible. YouTubers like anarchopac espeically helped me get a good sense of the of the history as well as the theoretical basis of Anarchism. if you are interested in creating informative content I think it would worthwhile to do it there, just disable comments.