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So, whenever someone asks what they can do to be the best anarchist possible, the answers are usually along the lines of spread propaganda more, join the IWW and join Food Not Bombs! These are all great ideas, and I'd like to add a few more.

  • Go to a shooting range and learn how to use a gun, start a gun club if possible
  • If possible, start working out and learn certain methods for parkour and
  • Train yourself in the basics of first aid and medicine
  • Either garden in your own home or help a community garden
  • Spend some time editing or starting wikis, get the information locked up in long anarchist books out into the open

The skills of being able to fight, move very quickly, perform first aid, grow our own food and spread our ideas more quickly are going to be absolute necessities for building any kind of anarchy in our lives.

We're not yet properly fighting the cultural war, nor the economical war, nor the work war.

We can take immediate concrete effect to fight the aforementioned wars.

  • organize buying groups,
  • reappropriation of the means of communication (social media especially),
  • organize infoshops,
  • promote self-production and DIY,
  • anti-capitalist and ecological critical consumption,
  • organizing commons to share resources and goods

There's much to do. What are some things you do?



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6c_6f_76_65 wrote

Several of these I have started and still continue.

  • Martial arts for almost two years. Started with Korean TaiKwonDo but looking to switch to Wing Chun and then learn a little Thai Kickbocking, Judo, and a grappling art.
  • Joined a minorities shooting club. Received my conceal carry license. Bought several hand guns, shot gun, rifle, and searching for a carbine that I find comfortable.
  • Started yoga and working hard on my stretches. Also doing kettle bells and body weight exercises. Not sure I will do parkour given my back, neck, knee and wrist injuries.
  • I have several small gardens. My fall crops are pretty much a disaster after 30+ days of 90-100 and no rain. I was going to put in irrigation but I am saving my money to buy a few acres.
  • Myself and seven friends all volunteer at community gardens, help plant food forests, and we have adopted a local school that we make food for and the kids take home backpacks over the weekend so they have several meals. This little group has been the genesis of many ideas and I look forward to our meeting every week.

Where I fall short is first aid. I keep my CPR certification but that is really basic. I do need to learn first aid and medicine. I have so many irons in the fire right now I am not sure I will have the time bandwidth to to tackle these for several months.

My writing is very poor. I need to make room in the day to start my academic studies. It is has been too many years since I was in a classroom and I struggled with math and composition.

I have to improve my IT knowledge. Gain a firm understanding on digital privacy methods. I have enough computers and network equipment I need to setup a good filesharing service. And keep working on my Linux skills.

The elephant in the room is working on my mental health. At some point I have to deal with the losses from this year and find a creative outlet for it vs just working more so I don't have to think about it.

Thanks for posting this. I spent a good part of today in self reflection.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

Are you interested in starting a new sub to post resources for people to learn the topics you have posted about?


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

For me, the things of main importance after survival is building material alternatives based on our values and real relationships with reliable people.

Whether they're spaces (community gardens, infoshops, free clinics, land projects), or 'means of production' (printers, basic tools), or whatever, having stuff that is minimally dependent on this hellworld that allows people to jump ship to our world.

It's also very important to be able to survive stuff on the day-to-day, so some of the other things other people have listed are good for that. Personally I focus on learning skills that I can learn and enact with others over skills that I will have to learn and enact alone.

Aside from that, learning how to do night activity is good. I practice whenever I can.