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Dialectical wrote

You're going to blame "Leninists" (lol) for the failures of the anarchists??

According to Bolloten (1961, pg. 51) one anarchist youth journal said:

For the Revolution to be a fact, we must demolish the three pillars of reaction: the church, the army, and capitalism. The church has already been brought to account. The temples have been destroyed by fire and the ecclesiastical crows who were unable to escape have been taken care of by the people.

Syndicalist journal Solidaridad Obrera said:

The oppressed people put to the torch whatever dens of obscurantism and deception they found in their path. Churches, convents, centers of reaction, whatever smacked of incense and darkness, have been set ablaze.

The churches in all the villages have been set ablaze. Only those buildings that could be used for the benefit of the people have been kept, but not those that were a serious danger after burning. Many churches have been converted into communal warehouses as well as into garages for the antifascist militia.

The Collective Letter of the Spanish Bishops put the number of chapels "demolished or completely sacked" at 20,000.

Bolloten cites Antonio Montero's Historia de la persecución religiosa en España, which gives the names, places, and dates of assassination of 6,832 religious personnel. This is backed by several other sources (ibid. #56).

Prominent anarchist Diego Abad de Santillán said:

We do not wish to deny that the nineteenth of July brought with it an overflowing of passions and abuses, a natural phenomenon of the transfer of power from the hands of the privileged to the hands of the people. It is possible that our victory resulted in the death by violence of four or five thousand inhabitants of Catalonia who were listed as rightists and were linked to political or ecclesiastical reaction. But this shedding of blood is the inevitable consequence of a revolution, which, in spite of all barriers, sweeps on like a flood and devastates everything in its path, until it gradually loses its momentum.

The way the "anarchists" operated was not actually different than other left-wing groups. The "anarchists" held political office, they forced military conscription, they outlawed "wasteful and bourgeoisie" luxury items like tobacco, coffee and alcohol.

The primary cause of the failure of anarchism in the 20th century is due to your ideology running counter to how human society operates and completely lacks any coherent legal theory.

It amazes me that anarchists can claim to be anti-authoritarian or substantially different from real communists. The economy in Catalonia was just as "authoritarian" as that in Mao's China or Stalin's USSR. Farmers only "voluntarily joined" cooperatives as they knew they would be labeled fascists and shot if they refused.

Albert Pérez-Baró, a CNT militant and a leading participant in the collectivist movement in Catalonia, describes the initial economic confusion: "After the first few days of euphoria, the workers returned to work and found themselves without responsible management. This resulted in the creation of workers' committees in factories, workshops and warehouses, which tried to resume production with all the problems that a transformation of this kind entailed. Owing to inadequate training and the sabotage of some of the technicians who remained, many others had fled with the owners, the workers' committees and other bodies that were improvised had to rely on the guidance of the unions. . . . Lacking training in economic matters, the union leaders, with more good will than success, began to issue directives that spread confusion in the factory committees and enormous chaos in production. This was aggravated by the fact that each union . . . gave different and often contradictory instruction."


db0 wrote

yeah sure, it's because anarchist organization was incompetent that an unsupported uprising survived against the combined force of 3 fascist powers for 3 years, while at the same time improving production in the midst of a civil war.

And anarchist fighting against internal counter-revolutionaries which would have them all shot by Franco is not exactly surprising in the middle of a war. Get the fuck out of here with that propaganda.


rot wrote

are you and red green the same person?