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ziq wrote

They do? I thought they only published red stuff?


eltrkbrd wrote (edited )

Interesting topic although I'll profess my ignorance on the subject. The video mentioned in the article is not publicly available on DGR's YT channel but here is a copy of the original:

Also, search "gender" & "trans" here for other videos on the topic:

Other related articles:



emma wrote

have you considered fucking off


F_x wrote

How can someone be gender abolitionist yet putting so much emphasis into what a woman should look like? Also, they are against sex-work. It's pretty obvious they are trash.


celebratedrecluse moderator wrote

the best way to destabilize the concept of gender is to support people who already have gender identities and expressions which are constantly suppressed by the dominant society.

cisheteropatriarchy is constantly reproducing itself, and that reproduction is merely the culling and intimidation of those who fall outside of carefully restricted bounds. It's, for reasons which are historically unsurprising, quite similar conceptually to how gardening works.

so resisting it entails not the production of an ideal form (as trans-discriminatory, self-described "radical feminists" propose to do when they call for the bioessentialist exclusion of some women and inclusion of some men in the political category of "women"), but instead working with people who already exist to increase their agency and achieve material and cultural equality with members of the dominant classes. Fortunately, there are a lot of queer and trans people, as well as cis and/or straight women, who are doing this work right now. The best way to support their efforts is not to propound on theoretical subjects which question the legitimacy or reality of their existence, as many conservatives, liberals, fascists, and others who have some invested stake in patriarchy and the power structures parallel to it (state, capitalism, white supremacy, etc) already constantly do, but instead to extend material resources, your labor, and whatever else might be useful to those people in the queer, trans, and femme communities who are doing that work. Specifically, people who are fighting for and creating abortion and contraception access, people who are struggling to limit employers' rights to demand workers to conform to whatever dress code the employer insists on, people who are working to help women and other marginalized groups to have access to privileged spaces, and so many other struggles important to feminism.

Have a material analysis of gender struggle, and you will invariably find yourself in the company of comrades, many of us queer and trans and woman-as-fuck