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Our winters are endless, our summers small
no peace with the bosses

On Monday morning, the state and its owners attack with guns in two areas of the anarchist struggle and two areas of proletarian housing.

On Monday night, like right witches, we attacked a place in this misogynistic state institution, called a church. In the chapel of the sacred study in Sepolia (hello Giannis Antetokoumbo - all illegal immigrants are proud of you) we sprayed many of the blessed images. If so, in addition to the day of the unborn child, which they set out to limit the self-determination of our bodies, they also prepare to institute the day of the blessed burning church. Amen!

Our winters are endless, but all of a sudden they take on a different color to the thousands of goals that leave the state, capital and patriarchy in the present phase of attacking us.

We send our racing kisses to comrades in Mexico who attacked dozens of capitalist targets, as a mere response, to the rape of our 17-year-old sister by four cops.

We do not forget either the leftist lae houses that supported the nationalist mud of the Macedonians, nor the leftist state of concentration camps, occupation evacuations and slave labor, which gave even more impetus to today's repression.

  • Solidarity with the underwriters and the @ arrested @
  • You will never get squats
  • Defending ourselves with attacks on state, capital, patriarchy

Anarchic Witch Core

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