Capitalists are exploited by the worker for surplus value.

Submitted by Greatella32 in Anarchism

A capitalist retires from his career after 30 years and decides to start a local restaurant business with the money he has saved from his labor.

He invests a significant amount of his hard earned money into the business. He hires a worker to take care of the kitchen. He sells his families famous soup for $5. After expenses he makes $0.50 profit on each soup sold.

The capitalist worked for 30 years so he could start this business, he manages and covers the cost of all the supplies. Yet the work steals $0.30 of profit from each soup sold in his hourly wage!

The worker is exploiting the capitalist, he gets a percent of the profit yet he didn't do any of the work to start the business, he doesn't manage the business, and he doesn't cover ANY of the cost of the business. This is exploitation.

A better system would simply to have the government fund automation robots to replace those workers to stop them from stealing the surplus value from capitalists.



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rot wrote

lol good one


Majrelende wrote

Why does the capitalist hire someone to clean the kitchen?


Splinglebot wrote

you are exploiting my reading receptacles by making me read this garbage

a better system would be to improve your trolling because it needs work