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As you can see, we ditched our old wordpress site that was hastily thrown together when the reddit admins began shutting down leftist subs and banning leftist mods for no good reason.

And as promised, we've switched to the fully open source project that emma has been working on all these months. We also switched to VPS hosting.

If you had an account on the old site, you'll have to re-register here. You don't have to provide an email when you sign up, your privacy is our number 1 priority. And as usual, there are no ads or monetization. We just want to give everyone a safe space where we don't have to answer to bootlicking liberals. We have a site-wide zero tolerance policy for reactionaries, but everyone else is welcome.

We encourage you to report any bugs or offer ideas for improvements in the f/meta subforum.

And feel free to BASH THE FASH and share anarchist literature. We won't ban your asses for it.

Fuck reddit, fuck the police and eat the rich.



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Defasher wrote

We'll be appointing moderators to the featured subs in the next few days if you're interested, and we're planning to structure the mod teams in a horizontal manner so that a subforum can't be held hostage by the person at the top of a hierarchy.

You can contribute to that discussion here:


not_AFX_lol wrote

is there anywhere at the moment where one can apply to be a mod for a certain sub?


RespectWomen wrote

Are we going to have all of those cool facts about the alt‐right returned? Some of them will be very difficult to retrieve due to their sensitivity.


ziq OP wrote

Make a f/DoxAFash subforum for it?

We're probably going to archive the old site on the radzi domain for a while, so the old content will still be available. But someone linked to on reddit, which complicates things a bit now that people have bookmarked that domain.


RespectWomen wrote

Is there a button to report shitposts?


ziq OP wrote

no, to report to mods or admins? propose it in f/meta


RespectWomen wrote

Can you please talk to tanattyn? I don’t want them banned or kicked, I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Edit: check your e‐mail if you haven’t already.