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thebigoof wrote

If you ask me this was a well calculated move to smear the name of leftists. I wouldn't be surprised to find out this kid only 'became a leftist,' because he knew what he was going to do later.


shanc wrote (edited )

Not sure about that, comrade. I think it's safe to say that nearly half of all violence in the US is from men who'd say 'I am on the left' (i.e. vote Democrat). The problem is how it's being framed: unlike the El Paso shooting, the incel obvs wasn't inspired to kill by his politics ('antifa' etc)


thebigoof wrote

I underatand what you're saying, and agree, but with as much effort as the far-right puts into false flags and disinformation I find this really strange. They do it all the time in LGBT spaces in an attempt to sow discord and distrust.