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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

depends if you have to pay for it.

you also need to know that with a philosophy degree you'll end up either being a teacher or doing somethinh unrelated.


LostYonder wrote

For studying philosophy, you are probably better off reading than going to any university class. Philosophy in most US universities, at least, is an extremely conservative, western-centric, liberal oriented enterprise. There are individual philosophers who no doubt would be amazing to study with, but to major in a field means taking all kinds of classes, like logic, the canon of western philosophy, and other non-sense. Though there is something to be said of the old adage - you have to go through to get beyond...

Going to university as compared to not going is a completely different question as is the economic viability of university and various majors.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Depends on the philosophy and the uni. Universities will tend to have different focuses on what they teach and it's quite easy to find yourself in a university that teaches very conservative philosophy.

You'd likely benefit from a broad engagement with philosophy but also if you just delve deeply into the things you're interested in and the best critiques that exist of them you're probably doing pretty well when it comes to philosophy.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

My friend who is very well read in philosophy told me that philosophy is only really worth your time if you first put in the work of reading/engaging with social sciences and various revolutionary history/ideology first, and become familiar with all of that. Because then, he says, the philosophy becomes much easier to engage with and parse through. However if you do it the other way around, he feels it would take someone much longer to come to many of the same conclusions, and entail a lot more work.

Just his two cents, he is entirely self-taught though. never went to university. however I thought it was an interesting perspective that might be able to inform your decision a bit


Kaito wrote

No, don't go to government regulated school, except If you are a fascist


heckthepolice2 wrote

Anyone who goes to school is a fascist unless it's my own private agorist bitcoin school