[CW: Gore, Blood, Violence] Venezuelan Security Forces Blind 16-year-old During Violent Repression in Western Andes

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"All politicians are crooks, all of them," Chacon says. "The law here attacks the people."

Rufo had to go home after 4 days, still with shrapnel in their head from the 16 rubber-coated lead bullets that embedded themselves in Rufo's eyes. In total, 52 shots to the body & face. Talk about proportional force...

It reminded me of the incident in USA maybe a year ago, where someone was shot in the face with a tear gas canister by police at a protest. I think they recovered, but the pictures were horrific-- if they hadn't worn a helmet, they definitely would have died or been paralyzed.

I know this story is from US media, and there are certainly examples of violent acts committed by the CIA-funded paramilitaries, but this is outright state terror. Anarchists everywhere should be appalled and moved to action, denying their governments the right to perpetuate this conflict/support this regime, whichever side their government happens to be on. Because as always, the consequences of inaction are felt hardest by the vulnerable communities, in this case people in a highly indigenous-populated region of VZ. People of Venezuela deserve a chance to renew their socialist experiment on their own terms, returning to the fundamental principles of Chavista like the broad participation of society & POC in the running of their economy & society, and an end to state terror. Looking for ways to support people in Venezuela taking control of their own lives, not shill for foreign-backed statists.

edit: removed direct link, because the thumbnail Raddle pulled was filled with violent gore.


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