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My post was stickied by a mod on r/anarchism and was up for almost 24 hours. Reddit's admins then removed the post and permanently suspended me. The post was simply a link to Van Spronsen's last written words before he was murdered by cops for damaging ICE property:

Spread the word.

The message I received:

Important notification about your account

from reddit[A] sent an hour ago

Your account has been suspended from Reddit for posting violent content. The suspension is permanent.

Violating content:

Be sure to read up on the Reddit content policyto make sure you understand the rules for participating on Reddit.

This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.



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Waken wrote

Anti Evil Operations is a reddit admin account. It's not a regular admin because it's anonymous - you can't message it and it doesn't have a profile. It's the account they use to delete things like this - things where there's no possibility of appeal.


yeti wrote

  1. seems like an automated message would be rid of typos like "policyto."

  2. if a "suspension" is "permanent," isn't it actually a "ban," rather than a "suspension?"


AMuscleTheSizeOfYourFist wrote

Damn, that post is where I first found out there was an audio manifesto at all.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is going to make more people migrate over here, it did for me.