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My post was stickied by a mod on r/anarchism and was up for almost 24 hours. Reddit's admins then removed the post and permanently suspended me. The post was simply a link to Van Spronsen's last written words before he was murdered by cops for damaging ICE property:

Spread the word.

The message I received:

Important notification about your account

from reddit[A] sent an hour ago

Your account has been suspended from Reddit for posting violent content. The suspension is permanent.

Violating content:

Be sure to read up on the Reddit content policyto make sure you understand the rules for participating on Reddit.

This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.



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Waken wrote

From r/anarchism's log:

Looks like reddit is cracking down on any positive posts about Will.


BlackFlagged OP wrote

Anti-evil operations? Holy shit I hate reddit. That's some fucking double speak right there.


videl wrote

is "Anti Evil Operations" their reason for deletion? I'm not familiar with reddit logs


Waken wrote

Anti Evil Operations is a reddit admin account. It's not a regular admin because it's anonymous - you can't message it and it doesn't have a profile. It's the account they use to delete things like this - things where there's no possibility of appeal.


BlackFlagged OP wrote

I got suspended once before but only for a few weeks. It was for celebrating the fact that Mussolini was killed. That was just a regular admin account though.


AMuscleTheSizeOfYourFist wrote

Damn, that post is where I first found out there was an audio manifesto at all.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is going to make more people migrate over here, it did for me.


yeti wrote

  1. seems like an automated message would be rid of typos like "policyto."

  2. if a "suspension" is "permanent," isn't it actually a "ban," rather than a "suspension?"