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shanc wrote

It romanticises work, workers and the workplace.

That said, I'm still a card carrying wob...


PerfectSociety OP wrote

That's actually what I dislike about it as well, though I think a more individualist anti-work anarchist approach can be combined with the emphasis of AnSynd to expropriate the means of production.


lori wrote

It seems outdated, and easier to coopt than other forms - unions have less and less power as work is outsourced and automated, and as surveillance states make organizing overt unions more difficult. Never mind that there's little that keeps them from becoming reformist within a reformist society, since most people within such a society often lean towards reformism.


SomeIconoclast wrote

I flirted with Anacho-Syndicalism for awhile, but I ditched it when I realized that I had no idea how it would bring about the destruction of the state, capitalism, or work.


rot wrote (edited )

I dont oppose it but I view it as a steppingstone on the path to anarchism. Revolution can't end with seizing the means; it has to start there.

aaaaand it might not be applicable everywhere just because it has been somewhere in the past.