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existential1 wrote

Tagging is really just reclaiming public property, he posits.


Torskion wrote

do you agree?


existential1 wrote (edited )

I agree that its a form of it. You could also just, ya know, remove shit. Would cost em more.

Anf there's something to be said for not seeing anything instead of seeing something on something else. It can become its own form of propoganda...which still is an image that you have to process and think about...which still violates some amount of personal autonomy, even if it is for a "good" type of propoganda.


ziq OP wrote

It's weird the things that get highly upvoted. This is the most boring thing I posted all day.


Pop wrote

maybe it's because edgy liberals squirt when they see the word bansky


ziq OP wrote (edited )

You don't seem to think very highly of raddle's userbase.