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Just came across this post. Things like this make me question the presence of r/Anarchism in Reddit. Why should we submit to undemocratic and hypocritical site moderation? Should not the way anarchists organize and communicate, even in the digital medium, reflect anarchist principles of organizing and communication? In the subreddit description the following is stated:

The moderation structure and policies are not intended to be an example of an anarchist society

I think it is a shame that r/Anarchism thinks this way. Our socialization mediums—whether online or offline—should reflect our shared principles. All anarchist traditions see idea and action as fundamental counterparts. Abiding by the ToS of Reddit clearly isolates the exchange of anarchist ideas from the practice of these ideas. r/Anarchism therefore, with its mass of 132k subscribers, single-handedly pacifies a great portion of anarchism on the internet. Abiding by the ToS of Reddit further disarms r/Anarchism of its means to fight abuse and oppression on the site, legitimates intellectual property and privacy invasions.

What do you think, is there a way to change this? Weekly reminders in r/Anarchism of f/Anarchism's existence perhaps?



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BlackFlagged wrote

I got suspended for weeks for saying it was good that Mussolini was killed.


AnarchoSpook OP wrote

Oh I see, so you're saying that we should be more subtle with it?


ziq wrote

no one likes being guilted into going to websites

they're all happy on reddit so fuck em