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Anargnome_Communist wrote

Leaving aside that the word "criminal" might become meaningless in an anarchist society, it would depend on the specifics. What community, what act, what does the perpetrator want, what does the victim want, what does their respective loved ones want, etc.

/u/celebratedrecluse does a good job addressing this already, but the question as it stands simply can't be answered.

The idea of an "ideal anarchist society" isn't something most anarchists are interested in. Anarchism is a process, not something we can actually achieve. Our struggles are perpetual and we'll always need to be on the lookout for how a society can or should be changed. There's always risk of hierarchies establishing themselves or individuals and groups needlessly restricting others.

To pretentiously quote someone:

I am an Anarchist not because I believe Anarchism is the final goal, but because there is no such thing as a final goal.

-- Rudolf Rocker

Similarly, the idea of punishment and crime aren't necessarily useful to describe anarchist approaches towards justice, transgression, and deviance.