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tpedes wrote

Because Intelligence specializes in cryptography, there is no reason for an Anarchist to attempt to outclass them in their forte, being recondite information.

This really is a non sequitur. Cryptography and unclear, jargon-filled writing are two different things.

I'm not sure why you're writing this. Are you trying to have a conversation, or are you trying to draft a communique? If it's the first of those, then you may want to do a whole lot less of telling anarchists what they "should" do.


A_Lane OP wrote

My point is that they do understand the jargon. I just don't think that it gets lost on them.

I am just trying to have a conversation. I did present an argument, but, I don't think that I've been domineering. I haven't meant to be at least and do apologize if this comes off that way.