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Tequila_Wolf wrote

A person has nothing to hide while advancing the cause of Anarchism.

Well, turns out a handful of anarchists are chilled with pedophilia, so I'm skeptical of that.

That aside, anarchists are killed and tortured for being anarchists often, so there is a lot of reason to be careful about how you present yourself.

It is best to be clear when making a political argument.

I think this is incredibly hard if your anarchism is based in a metaphysics of difference, or accounts for unconscious drives. Trying to make something clear without the prerequisite perspectival shift is tough, and in my experience, there's a huge perspectival shift that comes with anarchism. In the beginning (like many of us) I listened to people like Chomsky make clear kinds of arguments and say straightforward things. Understanding Deleuze took months and years of piecing things together because it is in a sense unclear.

Finally, a point on irony. There are good uses for irony; those statements that have an ostensible meaning but come with reason for you to not accept that meaning. Where this irony sets you in motion to seek out the 'real meaning' of the statement, you are given the opportunity to arrive at new information on your own, instead of simply being given the information, which you may not have been ready for that way.

And fiction, and literary/dramatic techniques in general. They are forms that make up the content of any work.

Theatre of the oppressed, for example, just gives you a bunch of scenarios to act out, then asks you to piece together its meaning, from the positionalities you've been asked to act out. This is a really great way of expressing ideas across in a non-authoritarian way - simply allowing a person to arrive at whatever conclusion they arrive at.